T.A.P Troy Mills, Iowa

    **Costume forms are going out this week and will be due back by November 20th!

    **Also, we are going to try a new way of communicating this year.  We are going to use the remind app.  I have attached instructions for this.  
    1. Go to www.remind.com
    2. Click on I'm a student or parent
    3. Enter @taptr and join T. Munson's Tap Troy Mills and follow instructions.

    Please ask if you have any questions! Thanks!


    1- student/classes   $24.00 per month

    2- student/classes    $42.00 per month

    3- student/classes     $52.00 per month

    4- student/classes   $62.00  per month               

    5- student/classes       $72.00 per month

    6- student/classes   $82.00 per month                

    7- student/classes     $92.00 per month

    8- student/classes    $102.00 per month              

    9- student/classes     $112.00 per month

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